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Born in Porto. Lives and works in London.­­


ESAD – Porto, Portugal (BA)

Central Saint Martins – London, UK (MA)


+44 (0) 7533527468


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My current practice focuses on painting and printmaking. I often take figurative subjects to intuitive places of expression, with as much of
an intuitive and emotional charge as each specific scene can take. I often try to turn banal situations into more ambiguous, universal and symbolic condition. Off the monoprint work, my painting practice enables me to approach the same
subjects, through a different set of responsive parameters, and a longer period of intervention.


For this I employ figures and portraits and focus
on transferring their uniqueness into an almost universal representational code. The banal, the
corny, the fringed, the scared, and the totally opposite. Its all made of contradictions, since
the underground is always being marketed
by the mainstream.